I changed the layout of my home office

brown wooden wall ledges

I have this home office from where I work and though it still need a bit of work, it’s perfectly functional. I thought about having the desk in the middle of the room à la executive and it failed. The room isn’t big enough to accomodate a desk facing the door and place to move around and stretch. I also realised that my home office isn’t supposed to be the big executive office that we see on TV, it has to be my office and it doesn’t matter really if it matches or not any “standard”.

I wanted this office to look like I could welcome clients here and so on but even if I don’t have this big executive desk in the middle of the room, I still can have a more informal corner to receive clients. And I can play it to my advantage. But it’s not about that yet, it’s more about me and my comfort when I work from home. So I felt more and more annoyed with the use of the space in the office where I had this desk in the middle and the remaining space being useless.

So this morning I decide to slide the desk against the wall, with the other desk arranged as a corner of my principal desk and it feels already much much better. I feel freeer in my mind, the empty space helps me to stand up and move around, I can even exercise in this room.

I have two big windows on roadside and in the morning, while the shining sun feels amazing, I can’t really work when it’s right in my eyes but with this new position, I can keep the shutters all the way up, enjoy a sunlit room without me being bothered by it.

I also realised that working with my bad close to a wall make me feel cornered and uneasy. Now having my back to the middle of the room when I work allows me to feel better and also, to have more space to roam and to think while walking, enhancing productivity.

Minding the workspace is indeed very important when working.

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