One of my favourite quote

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

Remember, success is a journey not a destination. Have faith in your ability. You will do just fine.

Bruce Lee

This is an important wisdom imparted by the late Bruce Lee who was not only an amazing actor, but also a dedicated martial artist and a philosopher. This quote puts things in perspective in a way that success is not chased, it is not an objective, it’s the journey, it’s the process.

Too often we are lost in our focus to attain our objective that we see as success that we forget that goals are a very little part of life. What we do to attain them takes time and it is what we do during this time to achieve our goals and objectives that truly count and matter.

When you see the great inventors, they struggled to invent or to discover, they worked tirelessly and once they found or invented, they rested maybe a little if at all and went back to try and reach another thing. Because for them the success was not the achievement, they did not take find their happiness in the objective but in the realisation of the objective. You can compare this by going on a hike. We’re happy when we reach the destination but clearly what we enjoyed the most was the hike itself, the journey, the landscape, the struggles, the pebble in our shoe, …

This actually change our perspective, and by thinking about it, we can enjoy the process, the journey, like eating a cake is awesome but we can enjoy baking even more.

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