MVA’s dead, long live Microsoft Learn

I’ve been a regular user of Microsoft virtual academy for quite some time now and when I heard the news about it being decommissioned I felt a bit nostalgic.

This is where I learnt WCF and tons of other stuff, and the content was ever growing at the time and quite often upgraded. Yet there were signs that Microsoft was planning something that would not include MVA in its plans. The content wasn’t upgraded as quickly as before, when it was at all.

So Microsoft announced the birth of Microsoft Learn (awesome name … Not!), and I’ve got to say, my first feeling about this platform is very good. You’ve got a mix of videos and texts and clear paths to follow to reach the level or the exam you want to pass. Though paths existed in MVA, they are central in Microsoft Learn. Plus the content is awesome ! Azure, AI, all the shiny new stuff that all of us want to use but a very select few get to use on the job.

So keep up the good work Microsoft, so far, so good !

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